The Bar


I never thought I would step foot back in this place. I said my final goodbye’s that night ten years ago.

You see, I was left this place by the last owner, Mitch Abrams. Which surprised me since we only really spoke that one time.

Pushing open the door to the empty bar brought back that exact time. I was one semester away from graduating college and a thousand dollars short of paying off the tuition. But I was determined to do it on my own. All my so called friends, were either knocked up or drugged up. Which I had no ambition to do either.

I had a goal and that goal needed a diploma.

“Yanise stop day dreaming and go to table eight. He’s been waiting for ten minutes already.”

That right there was John. That son of a female cow. He has tried numerous times to get me alone, to get some. He realized it was a lost cause when I grabbed his nuts like a vise and squeezed. He left me alone after that.

“Can I help you sir?”

There he was, Mitch Abrams the owner’s son. I always had a thing for the guy but he never once looked my way.

“Hey Yanise let me get a coke,fries and a triple burger.” I nodded and went off to put in the order. The whole night I watched as he ate alone. Usually there was a group around him discussing god knows what.

He was supposed to inherit the bar after he graduated. So I’m guessing he had to stay and watch how things worked. Or he just had no where else better to spend his time.

Mitch was close to six feet, muscular framed but not too muscular that he could not put his hands down on his side and he kept his hair shaggy. What hypnotized me the most was his mouth. Perfect to nibble, suck and delve right in. Just thinking about it made breathing difficult.

I had to close that night so John left me the keys to lock up. Mitch was still sitting there looking off into space, like he had a lot on his mind.

“Hey were closed. You should know that since your going to be the boss.” I said while giggling.

“Yeah I know it. Why don’t you leave and I’ll close up.”

“Can’t you’ve never done it before.” I said smiling and flipping over the chairs onto the table.

“Ok then I’ll help.” He stood and my breath almost left me. He was pure masculinity.

“As you wish.” I said quoting my favorite story Princess Bride.

We stacked in silence and then we began cleaning the bar down.

“Yanise why have you never say but a couple of words towards me. I sat there thinking I’ve known you for four years and you just say hi, how are you. Just simple things. Why?”

I thought to myself, where did this come from. “I don’t know. Never thought about it.”

Mitch stood before me and I could see he wanted to say something, “Am I fired?”

“Fired?” He said then shook his head.

Instead out of the blue he kissed me and not an innocent first date kiss but a hungry I haven’t eaten for days kind of kiss.

I pulled away because as much as I am attracted I am not loose.

“Sorry Yanise. I’ll leave. I must have read you wrong.”

“Hugh? How’s that?”

“For four years you been watching me. Not a regular look but that I want to see you naked kind of look. I never brought a girl here because eventually I was gonna get the nerve to ask you out but…”

“But?” I waited.

“But I could not hold on any longer. You see I’m leaving tomorrow. I have to go over seas for a long while and I know you won’t be here when I come back. I don’t want to leave with an imaginary encounter of us. Stupid right.”

I don’t know what snapped. Was it him leaving or him wanting me or him imagining me with him.

I kissed him. I delved as deep as I could to savor the flavor that coke he’s been nursing left behind. He’s right I wanted him.

I felt his hand press me close that I could feel every inch of him. This time he pulled away.

“Are you sure? I can’t stop again.”

I nodded and he bent to kiss my neck then lifted me up on the bar we just cleaned.

“Spread your legs for me darling let me see and remember every beautiful part of you.”

I did as he asked and he ripped my Victoria secret panties in two.  He spread them wider, revealing my clit. Slowly he rubbed his thumb in a circle around it. I was going to close my legs because I felt my self begin to cum.

“No let me see you drip for me.”

“Shit even in the best dirty novels they don’t say drip. Then it happened. I came and he pushed three fingers in as another wave hit.

“Your so tight.”

I didn’t hear when he unzipped his pants but I felt the thick head of his shaft push into my soaking wet channel. I screamed out when he finally situated himself in.

“Oh damn Yanise.” He moved in and out as if we had a fire behind us and we needed to hurry. All I could see was his fabulous mouth breathing heavy and all I heard was our body slapping from me soaking us both.

I wrapped my legs around his waist to keep him were I wanted him to be. He moaned out a word when I reached between us and grabbed the base of his shaft. Feeling the wet hard shaft slide between my fingers and into me was totally a sensual mind fuck.

Then he did only what I read about. He entered his thumb in my rear and I screamed as I came. Every muscle squeezed and relaxed, milking his shaft. It made him cum just as hard.

We both looked at each other and ingrained it in our memories. He pulled out and discarded a condom I never seen him put on. I jumped off the bar took off my torn panties and threw it out.

“Yanise don’t hate me for tonight, because I wanted you for so long.”

I looked at him and gave his perfect lips a kiss and went to the back. I never seen Mitch Abrams again. The last I heard was that he married and stayed over seas. He sent me a letter one day saying

“I could not get rid of our night together. I leave it I your hands.”

So now I owned the bar, but we owned the memory.

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Weapons pt2 of Bee

Having a tracking ring seared in my arm is not my idea of ‘what I want with my coffee list.’ But that tracking ring seems to be making a permanent mark on my arm as if it will never fade after the job is done.

Well I have news for the jack ass who thinks I will allow some one to track my every move. I went to my art room to find an item I created for just this kind of violation. 

The room needed the curtains to be drawn back. I hadn’t been in here for a while since I had a few ‘hits’ back to back. I can hear Kiki walking in behind me panting after she ate her meal. +

“Bee what are you looking for?” 

At this time I already pulled out a chair to climb on so I can reach the brown box on the top shelf in the room. 

“I just had a tracking ring placed on my arm and I am going to remove it right now.” 

“Can you remove a tracking ring once it’s placed? I thought once it’s seared into your skin it’s a done deal.” 

I looked at Kiki and couldn’t help my self but to smile. She wasn’t with me when my mother was around. That woman was paranoid about everything and everyone. So one of the first spells that was crammed down my throat was a transference spell. 

“Nothing is ever a done deal unless I say it is.” I found what I was looking for. A doll made out of red clay and a couple of drops of my blood. I will transfer the ring to the imitation of me and be done with it. 

Closing my eyes and envisioning the ring on the center of the dolls chest, searing itself in. Then I chanted the words that was ingrained. 

“Duplici translatione impersonator” 

The doll shook and glowed a bit blue but the transfer was complete.  

“What are you going to do with the doll. Well I have already put a thought into it on what I would do during a day. Once they catch on that the doll is repeating it’s action I would already be on the hunt to take out the target.” 

Kiki sat down and began to lick her paw and I couldn’t help but smile. She can be the fiercest animal on the planet but you would never think it.  

Enough of this, I have to find out what Gloriana has gotten me into.  First I have to visit Antoine at the warehouse. That’s where I keep my highly dangerous weapons. Things that could get me hung in all fifty some odd states if they found out how dangerous they are. 

“Bee why do have a weird smile on your face?”

I didn’t even realize I was smiling. Just the thought of my weapons, is like going to a candy store for me.

The trip to the warehouse took over twenty minutes from where I live. The Manhattan traffic is horrendous with all the street repairs. The warehouse is by the seaport. Antoine is usually on at this time so I don’t have to worry about being questioned to death by a new person. 

Walking into the warehouse, the smell of old mildew hits you in the face. Normally it wouldn’t bother me but it was a bit more over whelming than usual. 

Antoine was sitting at the desk, immersed into what ever it was on his computer. 

“Hey Antoine what’s so interesting?” 

I guess he didn’t realize I had come in, because he jumped and turned the screen so I couldn’t see what he was doing.  

“Listen what you do, is your business. I just going to my storage unit.” 

“I’m not doing anything. I thought you were my boss.” 

“Okay so dish. why would you jump if I was your boss?”

“I’m going for my B.A. in business and he’s been trying to get me fired before I can complete it. He thinks I want his job. This shit job can go to someone else. I just need to finish my schooling and I’m out of here.”

Antoine is paranoid. I know Carl if he’s watching him it’s because he doesn’t want to get caught gambling on the internet.

“Antoine I am going to “the” unit. Give me heads up if someone’s on  their way over.”

Antoine nodded his head and went back to studying. For some reason I feel as if I’m still being tracked even though the tracking ring is off me. It’s doesn’t matter once I am in the unit, it will be as if I never existed.

The key is charmed with the power to unlock the second door hidden behind the first. If anyone were to open my unit, they would see a couple of boxes lying around. But the key opens to my arsenal of destruction.

Once the unit was opened I stepped inside and went for the door to the right of me. There are three doors in my unit. All filled with things that I acquired somewhat legally in this state. The room had everything and my heart began to beat with excitement. I admit that sick, but little things make me excited and to get to play with weapons of mass destruction gives me that happiness.

I decided to take only a few out of my arsenal that can easily go undetected. Now I feel a little bit more on equal grounds with whatever is about to come my way. One more place I have to go before heading off to the target.

I have to go big Al’s. I gave up drinking because I was a terrible drunk, but I know I will need a drink after this.

{I am going to try to wrap this up in four parts. I hope you’re enjoying it so far.}


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The Contract

The target for the day is “The Mooch”. Yeah they still use stupid nick names like that. I’m sitting here in Star Bucks drinking my lemon tea watching my target try to swindle his way out of paying his bill.

His real name is Michael something. I really don’t give a shit as long as the money is in my account to do the job. Just looking at his appearance you would never think he is New Yorker. The tie die tee-shirt, khaki shorts and severely used flip flops said to me islander.

“Sir you mean to tell me you don’t have three dollars and fifty-six cents to pay for this?”

“Not right now. I can come back in a few minutes with the money. I live right around the corner and I left my wallet in my apartment.”

What a scum bag. Trying to get out of paying for his drink.

“Why don’t you go get the money and then you’ll get your drink. It will be waiting here for you.” The barista said with a smile.

If smile could talk it would have said “you piece of shit, you made me make this drink and waste my time on you for what? Screw you.” At least that what I read from the smile.

He walked away with his lips squeezed together in annoyance. Once he left the shop I followed with my tea in hand.

New York City on a Monday morning is the worst. I must have been bumped into several times as people scurry to their 9-5’s while video chatting with god knows who. It doesn’t matter, my eyes are still on the target.

After walking up two blocks he turned into a private building. I decided to hold back a little to see where exactly he was going. It turned out that he worked as a porter. This thirty five year old man works as a porter in a building that is known to house one of the wealthiest families in New York. Let alone lawyers and prestigious government officials.

He must have pissed off the wrong people. Well not my concern. I drained what was left of my tea, threw out my cup and I followed him onto the elevator going up to the thirteenth floor. Here we go.

“Oh excuse me sir. I notice that something is stuck to your collar. If you just bend forward I can just pull it off for you.”

He looked at me as if he was not sure he should allow me to do it. But my innocent face that has not changed since high school gained his trust. Big, big mistake. He leaned forward and I fiddled with his collar and it so happed I scratched his neck with my ring.

He grabbed his neck and I apologized, that my old ring scratched him. I also threw in the, ‘I’m so sorry’ smile.

Not even a minute passed by before the effect of the chemical that lined my ring was in his system. He grabbed his chest and looked at me for help. I whispered, “I was told to tell you, you were going to pay up one way or another. The bill is now paid.”

The door opened on the thirteenth floor and I stepped out to an empty hallway. I allowed the door to close before I press for the another elevator to come. As cold as it may sound, I feel as if I helped society in a small way.

One less derelict in society. I’m not worry about camera’s catching me because for some reason certain machinery does not like me. Video’s, camera’s anything like that just goes hay wire. So nothing ever catches me.

As for finger prints. I have none, so there you go. A genetic abnormality is an aide in my secret life.

I checked my account and the deposit of thirty thousand dollars was safe and sound. Waiting for me to withdraw. I put my phone in my pocket and head off to the office.

I work in a place that you, the average person on the street would never pay any attention too. Or even think twice, that a killer might just be smiling right at you.

I work at Michael’s Pet Cottage. A place where people drop off their precious pooch or kitty while they go on vacation. I know what you may be thinking “Hang yourself much?”

Here’s the thing, I love animals. I just kill people. Simple as that.

“Bee, your over an hour late, and don’t give me that old ,I was tied up excuse.” Kiki said, as she tried her best to stare me down.

“Now that was not an excuse. I was telling you the truth. I was detained, sorry I am late.”

“Detained hugh? By what?”

“Nosey much? I had to help a gentlemen with his collar. I could not just stand there and see something amiss and not want to fix it.”

“A collar? A whole hour for a collar?”

I gave her the innocent look and she just growled at me.

“Kiki that’s not lady like of you.”

“Well then it’s good that I am not a lady then. I’m a dog. “D” for don’t give me that crap. “O” for on your worst day I can smell when you lie and “G” for get my food, because I don’t have opposable thumbs to get my own food.”

As you may have guessed and since she spelled it out so nicely. Kiki is a dog. A white German shepherd, a matter of fact. She is “the boss” when I am not around and she loves to remind me of it.

Obviously Kiki should not be talking. Honestly she is not talking to any of you, I on the other hand can hear her since she is my guardian animal.

Yes, guardian animal. The kind that comes to you when you least expect, or want it.

My mother was a witch and she had a cat familiar. Since I am not fully a witch I refuse to call my dog a familiar. She’s my guardian.

“Oh I forgot to mention you received a package through the mail slot.”

“A package? Must be small I didn’t order anything.”

As Kiki and I walked through the cottage to make sure the pets were ok, I couldn’t shake the feeling of something very odd is going to happen very shortly.

The animals were fine, but Kiki’s stomach was making itself known by the expulsion of gas in the air. I pinched my nose and ran to the kitchen to take her food out of the refrigerator. Kiki went in on the food as if it was the best steak she had ever eaten. As she ate I went to the front door and seen a tall box laying on top of the mail that came from the small slit in the door.

If you haven’t guessed by now. The package is magically enchanted. I never take safety for granted especially my safety. I go get my salt and pour it in a circle around the box to keep whatever is in that box in there, so it will not have a chance to harm me. Once the circle was complete I proceeded to open the box.

What stood inside was a tall slender mirror. It had a cast iron base that it stood on, but it had no top. I looked all over to see if there was a note or a chant I had to say to activate the mirror but there was nothing. So I made up something out of thin air.

Mirror, mirror standing tall,

Is there a message for me at all?

As corny as that was the mirror clouded and a face appeared. Oh man what a face. It had scars slashed several times across both cheeks. The nose was definitely broken and it looked as if a fresh lump was appearing on the right side of her fore head.

“All you had to say was hello to active the mirror?” The woman said with disgust written on her face.

“Ok who are you and what is it that you want from me?”

“I was told, I can hire you to do a job.”

“There are many jobs that I currently do. You have to be more specific.”

“I need you to terminate someone and I need it done clean. No traces leading back to me. You can use your parlor tricks if you must but it must not have a residue behind it.”

Did she just say I do parlor tricks?

“You’re starting off on the wrong foot with me. Do you have any manners? First with whom am I speaking with?”

“I am Manua. I am the head of the Gideon guard. I serve and protect the queen Izra.”

“So who is it I am being hired to take out?”

“First ,you must except before I can divulge the name.”

This does not sound good. I’m not taking the gig.

“Well, I am sorry to say that my quota for killing has been filled. If you contact me in like, never. Maybe I can help.”

Manua mumbled something under her breath. I caught only this ‘humans are worthless’.

“I can hear you, and now I will definitely not do the job. Bye”

“I will tell Gloriana that you refuse the job.”

Oh shit Gloriana set this up? This is serious then. I owe her a life debt. I have no choice but to take it.

“Fine I will take the job.”

“Do you mean,  I could have just said her name and you would have agreed? Human are so strange.”

“Yeah well, whatever you are ,what’s the name of the target?”

“So you agree to kill the target?”

“Yes, who is it before I change my mind.”

“First, remove the salt barrier.”


“Remove the barrier so we can strike the bargain I cannot do this with a wall of salt around me.”

I broke the barrier by kicking part of the salt to the side. I suddenly felt a burn around my left forearm. I picked up my sleeve and seen a triple ring around.

“The bargain is sealed. Once the job is done the rings will fade.”

“Can I now have the name?”

She nodded her head.

“The name is Quantaron Milan.”

“My heart nearly dried up in my chest.”

“Q Milan? The destroyer?”

“Yes, when you are ready to do the job, just step through the mirror and you will arrive on Alpha G system. You will be greeted by Al. He will hand you a letter with all you need to know on it. Good death to you.” Then she faded from the mirror.

Good death to me, she said. Yeah I might as well right my will because I may not return from this one.

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Janara and the Dowser


(Giving you meaning’s to some of the words that are being used. Runner= Theif, Dowser= police. Political Heads= senators, ves= electronic money, ves-tab= cash and Onig= drug)


That was a cool planet as far as planets go. The people there were a bit on the cold side for her though.

Thank goodness her trip was a short one. Never in all her life had she ever dreamed she would be doing what she is doing for a living. She is what is called a runner. Well she calls her self a runner. What the Dowser authorities call her is a thief. But anyone, who is anyone in her circle knows she prefers to be called a runner.

Janara prided herself on being a runner. What planet she originated from, no will ever know. She still had family there and she wants to keep them safe.

Her last run was too close. The Dowser’s were right on her ass. Someone had to have leaked out the information where was her next hit. She could not figure out who it could  be since the information was put in a cryptic file that only guild was privy to.

She was given an assignment to run a shipment from Grena the fire planet to Enock the ice planet. The two planets have been in a war since before time. She doubted they even knew what they were fighting for anymore.

The Dowser’s were there waiting for her. It took almost everything in her arsenal not to be captured. She escaped without the item, but she escaped never the less.  She swore this was her last run. Her luck was wearing thin.

“No more running” she told herself. She had to find herself a decent job and try to settle down some where.

“Mira find the closest, newly inhabited planet.”

The ship replied” The closet planet is number Q1559. The Qua planet. Newly terra formed and inhabitants are humanoid. Approximately populated by 201 souls.

That sounded real good to her. A new planet must have a need for a dentist. That was her previous life before she started running. ” I think it’s time to try to pick up were I left off.”

She smiled as she remembered  how different her life used to be. She was still too young to get tied down at the time, even though her aunt would argue other wise. She can hear her now. “Janara , time still ticks and soon you’ll realize that time plays a cruel joke on a women’s beauty. I must say it has been more than kind to me, but look at your cousin Kena. She is still single and no man in there right mind will have her as a wife.”

“Aunty please don’t speak about her that way. You know she still in morning from loosing Gerald. They were only married for a few months before he died serving the political head. She will find someone when it’s time. As for me, time doesn’t scare me. So don’t you worry about me and your right. Time has been kind to you. Why haven’t you remarried after uncle died?”

That immediately caused her to walk off and not look back at her. Maybe she should have gotten married. If only it was that easy.


The sky mimicked the colors of white and pink fallen rose petals. If it could be touched it would probably feel like silk. The weather stayed at a perfect 80 degrees, coaxing the old and the young to come out enjoy the rays wash over their skin.

This is Qua the youngest terra formed planet in the galaxy. The inhabitants were settlers who were tired of a polluted society. Going back to the dark ages when there were wires strung from home to home was not acceptable. Walking on soft earth was a welcome to walking on the hard stone walks they were raised on.

The houses were designed with the thought of the old west but with modern day improvements. The civilians were able to be shuttled back to the home planet if desired. The space port was off in the distance, so it did not disrupt the everyday coming and going of the town.

Mora Advi, the new dowser of the colony, watched as the people walked by and carry on their daily lives. As he stood there watching, his mind decided to wonder to his recent past. Dowser Advi was a well decorated officer. He was moving up in ranks very quickly. The other dowser’s started to dislike and distrust him because of it.

The political head Titus was a cruel and insane person. Titus ordered ten dowser’s to go the Bigum colony to break up a protest.

Once they arrived the dowser’s went to work breaking up the crowd. Titus had other plans. He commanded two of the dowser’s to obtain a civilian each and use them as an example to keep order.

One of the dowser’s took a woman with child and shot her, ending her life immediately. The second dowser was even more cruel. He grabbed a young child from his mother’s arm’s and was aiming to kill him. Advi could not have that. Advi aimed is gun to the dowser holding the child and fired. Hitting him in the shoulder causing the dowser to let him go.

The crowd ran away and Advi looked into the dowser’s eye’s he shot. He new this unit was corrupt but he did know just how corrupt. Once Titus found out what he had done. Titus sent him into to space to patrol the galaxy. That was over ten years ago.

Titus mysteriously died and the new political head, Gana assigned him to this new terra formed planet. She was there at the protest and she remembered what he had done.

Advi was grateful to be on solid ground again. His attention returning to the present, he watched the new dentist have a conversation with Mrs. Walt. He wonder what was so funny since they have been laughing for quite some time now.

“eeehmm Dowser Advi are you here?”

He looked over to his right and there stood Ana Mari. A young girl that is blossoming into a woman and has her eyes set on him.

“Yes, I am here. Is there something I can help you with?”

“Why yes you can. You can help me have a dance with you tonight at the party.”

She looked at him batting her eye, trying to lure him in. If he were twenty he could see making a play for her. But he felt old enough to be her father. Better yet the uncle.

“There will be other gentlemen there to dance with.” he said then notice the defeated look on her face. He never like that look on a woman and he will not put it there on a young blossoming one.

“But if I see the opportunity for a dance, I will gladly have it with you.”

She smiled and that glint of young, untainted hope crossed her eyes.

“I will hold you to that. See you then.” She walked off switching her hips a little to much for his taste.

“Well that was a nice thing you did Dowser Advi.” A soft, sensual voice said.

Advi turned seeing Janara standing right next to him. He never heard her approach, but her scent was maddening.

“Thank you. I there something I can help you with?”

She smiled at him with those bowed pink tainted lips and his heart started to beat erratically.

“No I just wanted to say hello and ask when are you going to come to my office for a cleaning?”

Advi fidgeted a little. Was there something wrong with his teeth?

“I’m not saying anything is wrong with them, but everyone should have a good cleaning. I expect to see you in my office soon.” She said then walked pass him, going to the direction to her home.

She swayed when she walked, it was very graceful. No forced moment in it at all. He looked at her small waist and wonder how it would feel to hold it.

Advi shook his head to clear it from those thoughts. He couldn’t be with her. They were not compatible. He doubted there is anyone out there compatible for him, but Janara was hard not to look at. She kept her hair pulled in a loose braid. He wonder how soft it would feel. That was it. He needed to go home and clean up for this party. He needed to relax and have a few drinks and try to keep Janara out of his head.

Janara smiled when she walked off. She knew he was watching her walk away. Just like she knew when he was watching her talk to Mrs Walt. Advi was very attractive, he’ll due to scratch an itch until she found a mate. She knew he was interested, now it’s time to stoke the fire.

(This is copy written)

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Second Teacher (lamb or lion)


What will this second teacher show her? The first was sweat but a bit unsettling. Her father did say three women.

Chana kept walking in circles in her room floor until she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stood up. She hoped that her father did not send who she think it is.

Chana turned and her dread was confirmed. It was Illia her father’s older mistress. She always looked at Chana as if she was a waste of air.

“Your father told me to teach you how to pleasure a man. He said to show you my technique of oral pleasure.”

Chana wanted to run. Oral technique?

“So let us begin. You see that long bread over there. Take that bread and take a bite of it please.”

Chana did not know what she was doing but her father must know better. So she went to the bread and bit into it. She chewed and swallowed.

“Alright I see you do not savor your food. Your quick to swallow and you almost chocked while doing so.”

Illia walked over and motioned for Chana to sit.

“Now watch what I do. Look at the bread and examine it. Think to your self ‘would it be soft and tender or would it be a bit firm yet still as inviting?’ Your mind is part of the technique.What I am showing you texture plays a part. Now try it again and do not rush this. Listen as I talk you through this.”

Chana was apprehensive about Illia but she did what she asked and took a bit.

“Now roll the bread around your tongue. Let your tongue control it’s movement. At this time moisture is gathering in your mouth. Press the bread to the top of your mouth and swallow the moisture and not the bread. You take a beep breath and swallow again. This time take the bread down.”

Chana found it odd but interesting.

“You are going to be face to face with his member. It is precious to them. It is most sensitive at the tip. When pleased it will respond by bouncing and releasing a glittery clear jewel. You must think of it as a pleasing experience or else he will know you are dis gusted.”

“They can be a bit large and thick. Surly I can not take all of it?” Chana asked.

Amused by her statement she smile. Chana never seen her smile.

“Well why don’t we find out how far you can take it. That that cucumber, it seems to be a good width and length . Take as far back as you can.”

Illia watched as she seen the pink rise to her throat.

“Do not be embarrassed of a cucumber. Wait for the real thing to be presented to you. Now do as I ask.”

Chana  put the cucumber as far back as she could before she began to gag. Illia took it away from her and placed four finger to see how much she took down. She took about four inches. That was good enough.

“What you have taken down is good enough.. In time you will take it further. Now I want you to hum.”

Chana’s eyebrow shot up by her request. She hummed for her anyway.

“Your voice produces vibrations that is pleasurable to a man. Different tones will give you different responses. Some love a deep tone and others a lighter. You will know the right tone when the moans. Also we can not neglect the sack. You must gently suck them in and caress them with your tongue. That will ether have there legs trembling a bit or they may not be able to hold their seed.”

Chana was taking in all this information. She noticed that Illia did not seem her usual condescending self.

“Are you happy doing this for my father?”

“What is there to be happy about? As long as I have a roof over my head I’m content.”

That did not sound pleasing. For the next few hours they rehearsed on what to do. Illia laughed at her inexperience and Chana could not help but to laugh at some of the crude jokes she was being told as she tried to swallow a cucumber.

Illia rose from her sitting position and told Chana she must leave now.

“My advice to you is to find pleasure in giving pleasure. It will make life go by easier.”

With that being said Illia left and Chana learned not to judge everyone just by there reactions toward her. There might be more to that reaction.

Now she waited for her third and final teacher.

I hope your enjoying the so far. You can leave a comment it would be appreciated.

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Aggrevated Writer

Are you a writer?
I think I’m one.
Are you a poet?
Some say I’m one.
Are you in the buisness?
It’s hard to break through.
Everyone who’s any one can’t see you.

Are you a star?
You mean the one in the sky?
Yes, are you a star?
Maybe a twinkle in my families eyes.
What have you done?
Not enough I guess. My work is not recognised.
I’ll keep doing my best.


Why don’t you change your style?
You mean change who I am.
No. Just your writing style.
Again change who I am.
Why not just a little?
A little is too much.
I’ll be hiding in the shadow and there’s enough shadow around us.


I’ll ask you a question.
Okay go right ahead.
Why are you a writer/reporter?
That’s who I am when I get out of bed.
That’s funny.
Why it it funny, tell me please.
I should change how I write, convey a story to make you all at ease.


Is there anything else you want to say?
Yeah, I do.
I’m a writer, a poet, a wife, a friend, and a mother too.
I can’t change what I say when it comes to me.
Stifling my brand of creativity.
I maybe raunchy, rude, crude, and down right harsh.
But everything I do comes from my heart.


Don’t read what I write.
It may not be for you.
But I’ll keep on writing until
I see my dreams come true.

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First Teacher (Adult)


This is the continuation of Lamb or Lion

{She knew her father spoke the truth. She had to make this man desire her or she will take her own life and not meet death by another’s hand.}

She was awaken by the first crow of the cock. As she rose she seen a woman sitting at the end of her bed.

She wore sheer clothing like the one she wore on the day of her sacrifice. Her hair looked the color of sun itself. Her skin is  luminessent and her lips a slight contrast with the color of light red.

“I was requested by your father to teach you the art of seduction”

“I cant believe I am about to do this.”

“Do I offend you? Your father came to me and offered my freedom if I teach you. I was traded to your faher by my mistress over a year ago. I was with my mistress since I was able to bear children. My own father told me I would be better off being with her than with him. I am here to teach you what I have been taught  with out a choice, to be a suitable sacrifice.”

“I did not mean that. I just….”

“You were just was caught off gaurd. I apologise for that. But a man will never come to you with your knowledge at all times. Get up and get your self together for today.”


She walked into her chambers to see the woman still waiting there.

“What is your name? I was rude not to ask before.”

“It is Alana.”

“I am Chana but you are already knew that right. Where do we start?”

“Take off your clothes .”

“What? I don’t understand where your going with this.”

“Are you uncomfortable with your body? Take your clothes off.”

She stood infront of her and undressed. She took a deep breath and waiting to hear what is wrong with her.

“Chana your beautiful, untouched and afraid. Why fear me?”

“I do not consider my self those things. well  afraid I guess.”

“Chana breath and close your eyes. When your eyes are closed you give complete control over if that is what you want.  Is it?”


“Open your eyes and look at me.”

Alana took her cloths off and stood before her.

“Watch and follow my every move.”

She slowly glided her hands across her stomach. Then glided up cupping her full breast.

“Watch his responce at all times. It will reveal what her likes”

She squeezed her breast making her nipples the object of attention. Her breathing increased and she slide her hands down passed her belly, passed the light tuft of hait to the apex to her sex.

“Don’t doubt your self. No one will ever know your body like you do. No one will touch you how you desire them to if you do not desire it. It’s natural to want and enjoy it.” 

Chana followed and felt her body respond to her own touch.

“A man loves to watch. There are times you will not complete your self. Enjoy your body let it come over you. That build of pressure. Move your body against your hand as if your riding a horse”

Chana’s breathing was labored and she felt the build in her. She began to move faster as if she could not get enough and pressure release causing her entire body to tremble and in it’s wake her glistening release rolling down her legs.

“That was beautiful. If I was a man I would have taken you just so you would release on me the same way.”

“That was incredible. I’ve nerver done that before”

“That is a pity. I must leave you now. Remember don’t doubt your self.”

Alana dressed and walked out.

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Lamb or Lion continues

hermesShe walked back to her village with her head held high. All the people stopped and whispered about her return.

Her father met her out side of his home not permitting her entry.

Why have you returned? Are you not a suitable sacrifice?

The emabaressment that she was enduring in public was beyond measure.

Father, he has sent me home. I will not tell you the rest with all of them listening. Permitt me entrance.”

Her father stepped aside and followed his daughter into the room of justice and the law. If anyone needed to be heard and tried for a crime, it would be in this room.

He walked over to his chair and waited for the answer to is question.

It is not that I am not a suitable sacrifice. It is that he feels……”

“Come on and spit it out.”

I am not knowledgeable about certain intimate matters.”

“Damn your mother for keeping you so sheltered. You are way passed the age to marry you off and not experience enough to be a sexual sacrifice. Women.”

He looked into his daughters eyes and seen the fire his dearly departed wife had when she was told she could not do somethime.

“What do you suggest father? I am at a loss. He will not take any other sacrifice yet I am unsuitable.”

“Quiet girl. Unsuitable my backside. Your being unknowlegable, there is a difference. Fine you will be taught. I will send you three women to train you in variety of ways to please. Listen and learn well. Beause if he does not except you a second time, I will not be able to save you from death.”

She knew her father spoke the truth. She had to make this man desire her or she will take her own life and not meet death by anothers hand.


“Hermes your home. Where have you been?” his beloved mother Maia asked.

“I have gone down to the human’s. It is time of sacrifice for the Minoans.I went to see who they decided to send.”

His mother shook her head.

“Don’t look at me like that. I told them I would not except sacrifices.”

“Well that was good of you.”

“But the woman they sent intrigues me.”

“I do not want any more demi gods. There lives are always cut short and there mother’s die heart broken. Your father is not a good role model for you.”

“Mother do not worry. I know what I am doing.”

“I’m sure you do son.”

(Ok I did not know were I was going with this. But I hope you like it. I would love feed back)

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Lamb or Lion

lamb or lionA man should never walk into the room like he does. Eyes are drawn to him as if they never had a choice.

His masculine scent invades the very space he enters. You swallow because there was no other thing you can do. Words took a hiatus and it seems as if they were not going to return any time soon.

“Why are you here?”

She could not answer. Thankfully her brain did not go with it. Stepping closer to him she began to take off the sheer white dress her people made her wear. His eyes went from her face to her breasts.

“Stop right were you are and dress your self. Go to your people and tell them I do not want a sacrificial lamb. Your no older than sixteen and I do not take children.”

‘Sixteen? He thinks I’m sixteen. He has also rejected me, me the daughter to the elder of our people. The bastard’ she thought.

“I am no lamb and I am far from sixteen. It’s been a many years since I have seen such a number. How dare you reject me. I’m willing to come here so no maiden will have to be accosted by your lustfulness.”

He loved the sound of her voice, She was not as timid as she first portrayed. He decided he will not take her for now.

“Oh so you do have a tongue in that mouth. I still do not want a sacrifice and I do not want you.”

The color of crimson lit her eyes. He wanted her but she will have to come to him by her own accord and not to save her people.

“Oh you, you son of a bit….”

“Hold your tongue before I change my mind. It seems as if you want this more than I. Am I reading this wrong?”

“I would never…”

“Yes you would and …..”

He walked up to her and lifted her dress. He glided his hand up between her thighs and was met by her traitorous body. He lifted his hand showing her the glinting evidence of her denial.

“Your body is willing to accept what ever I choose. But I do not choose you. Leave now.”

Stunned by his rejection she pushed pass him and started to exit the make shift hut.

“Come to me as a woman wanting a man. Until then I will deny you. Tell your people send no other. “

“But you will kill my people.”

He smiled, “Perhaps, as of right now do not fear.”

She left angry and embarrassed. What will she tell them? He did not want her.”Damn him.”

(This story just came to me and I will continue it, hopefully today. leave a comment, love to hear from you)


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The Dragon Awakes


I hate working at this shit job. Ever since I had to live with my aunt Maura my life has been one problem after another.

I guess anything is better than living alone and in hiding. (Technically I never lived alone, but it must suck.) I used to live in the mountain of Dren just off the coast of Pewter. A small island that was inhabited by two hundred human’s and two dragon’s. Correction one dragon and one half blood dragon.

The dragon was my mother and of course you had to have figured out that the half blood is me. I loved living on that island. The people were friendly and didn’t bother us. They knew what we were and the excepted us as one of their own.

Once I turned thirteen that’s when the problems started. His name was Micheal. He had a sister named Mikala. Even though they were three years apart you would never know it. They both had dark red hair that caused their green eyes to stand out.

Micheal was at least four feet eleven inches tall. He was only a year older than me and I could not stop thinking about him. My mother on the other hand did not feel that I should be around that family. I could not understand why until it happened.

Micheal and I were in his house watching the new comedy show on t.v. His family were a little on the well off side. They had real heavy wood furniture, crystal’s figurines in a china cabinet and a crystal chandelier hanging in the dinning room. We were sitting in the family room. The T.V. was bigger than I ever seen and he had surround sound. I felt like I was in a theater. The wall were painted a creamy yellow and there was a scent of vanilla in the air.

We were sitting on the sofa laughing when suddenly Micheal took his chance and kissed me. I felt like I couldn’t breath. As kisses go and since I had nothing to compare it too, it was nice. I was a bit startled when his tongue pushed it’s way through my lips and entered my mouth. I really felt a little inadequate for such a kiss. The air around me felt like it went up a few degrees because I felt the heat all over my body. I pulled back from him, breaking the kiss. I felt as if the room we were in was crowding in.

“Zoei just relax and follow what I am doing.” Micheal said breathing a little heavier than he was before. He must of guess how nervous I was to say that.

He leaned back in and continued the kiss. This time Michael was a bit more aggressive. His tongue delved in taking up too much space in my mouth. Once he pulled his until we both heard a door slam. We jump apart and seen it was Mikala standing at the door with her friend Eden. Eden look like she was on the verge of tears (which I found out later she had been trying to hook up with Mikala’s brother for a while and he kept rejecting her) and Mikala looked as if she wanted to kill me.

“Mikala what the hell is wrong with you?” Micheal yelled at is red in the face sister. Her coloring almost matched her hair. It looked like she was a ripe plum about to burst.

“You get her out of here and if I see her any where near you again, she won’t like what I will do.” Mikala yelled back at Michael through clenched teeth.

I grabbed my things and ran out the room pushing Eden out of the way. I went to the only safe place I knew, straight home. My mother seen the tears sliding down my cheeks and started to breath smoke.I mean Literally breath smoke.

“What happened?” She asked. I was always close to my mother because there was no other like me here. She wanted to tear Mikala apart. I thought she would have been mad at the kissing part, but she wasn’t. She told me, she raised me to know right from wrong and she trusts my judgement.

She told me stay away from them and I tried my best to do that. I avoided Michael in school and at the convenient store, but Michael wouldn’t give up. I told him it wasn’t a good idea to be with him because of his sister and he said ‘screw her’. He walked with me part of the way home since we live in a sort of cave by the beach. Let me be honest it’s a cave.

The inside looked like everyone else’s home I suppose, but we needed to be separated from them (human’s). My mother needed to be in her dragon form at night and she didn’t want to frighten the young children. We lived by the water because we are the species of water dragon’s.

Micheal kissed me on the cheek, when we were close to my home and walked away. My mother knew he was with me but she never said anything. But I knew she knew by the slim trail of smoke seeping from her nose.

Later that night my mother woke me up with a packed bag, money and a letter. I could see the fear in her eye’s.

“You must go to your aunt Maura in the city. We are in danger and I will never let any one hurt you.”She said as the panic I her eye’s were the only sign that this was serious.

“Mom come with me.” I begged.

“I can’t. You know they will kill me on sight. Mr and Mrs Pure will take you to the boat. I love you Zoei, you are my heart and I will always be there for you. Just call on me they way I explained it to you.” She said as hugged me and sent me into the wooded area where the Pure’s waited.

I made it to the boat before I heard the roar and gun fire. I was well out to sea before I seen the bright light of my mother’s fire erupt. You can always tell when a dragon has met it’s death by large flame that erupts from their body, incinerating everything around them. I cried so hard I felt as if I could cause the small boat to capsize from the amount of tears dropping on it.

That happened over eight years ago. Now I work at a fast food joint and hate every minute of it.

“Welcome how can I help you today?” I asked these three teenage boys who looked like they were about to cross a line that they really did not want to do.

“We’ll you can help me with this big thick piece of beef I carrying around in my pants.” He said with a smile on his acne prone face.

I smiled and tried to keep my composure. “What would you like on the menu sir?”

“I would like you spread out with special white sau—-.” That was it, I could let him say another word. The line was crossed.

“You listen to me you little piece of two day old shit. You and your friend s better leave the premises before I will show you what is really in that special sauce we serve.” I said looking at all three of them. I could feel heat developing in my lower stomach and that’s usually my Que to leave. But I didn’t move. I didn’t want to move. Someone had to put these three in their place and since everyone had been stricken mute, I guess I will.

“Guy’s can’t you see that you are being very disrespectful to the lady. You should apologize.” a deep voice said coming from the right behind a very robust woman.

“Hey why don’t you take a bite of the beef I was offering the laaaadyyy” the original boy said.

Behind the large woman a tall man with dark brown hair, came into view. He wore a long black trench coat over a white shirt that was button down at least two buttons and he had on black slacks that seemed to work for him. There was something else about him that made me feel….. Aww hell made me feel like I was thirsty and not for water either.

“Hey let’s talk like men out side.” The deep voice said to the boys.

They looked at each other and bolted out of the place. I guess there were no men in that bunch.

The guy with the deep voice walked up to my register and had a sexy half smile that could melt your panties away.

“Welcome how can I help you today?” I asked. Knowing full well that there was more to the how can I help you than it sounds.

He asked for that lunch special and I swear to you I would not mind being part of his meal. Wooo, now girl, it’s been awhile and you can’t throw your self at him. Boy wouldn’t I love to feel that…… I had to stop that thought. I was nearing my time of change and I needed no ties just in case I don’t make it through. Never has a half blood dragon survived the change.

Well that dried up any moisture quick. Damn.


Half Blood Dragon on the verge of her first shift is difficult, but when there was a zero mortally rate. It’s scary as hell to know you could die at any moment.

Hello everyone, I would love to here some feed back. Part two will be in either today or tomorrow.

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